Musical Adventure Road Trip

My family and I have spent the last six weeks on a musical adventure road trip. It was an experience of a lifetime! We visited Memphis, Houston, San Benito, Mexico, New Orleans and tons of other places along the way. It would take me forever to share everything, but I would like to share a few of our stops along the way. Here is the first one, Memphis baby!

We started in Memphis learning about the roots of rock and roll music. We experienced soul music pouring out the doors of the clubs and onto Beale Street. We spent days visiting the Rock and Soul Museum learning about the history of music and the importance of music in bringing together people from all races, religions and economic backgrounds. Music was powerful enough to transcend the boundaries of segregation. Despite segregation laws that limited interracial contact in daily life, blues, gospel and country music had an appeal that crossed the colour line. We visited Sun Studio, the same place that recorded songs by Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and so many other wildly talented musicians. My kids spent late nights hanging out at music clubs watching live performances with sticky rib sauce all over their cute little faces.









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