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I Never Want to Forget This Moment


When I was younger I couldn’t wait to get older. I wanted to do everything by myself, like a big girl. I dreamed of having my own home, working so that I could buy whatever I wanted and finding the perfect husband. What I didn’t realize as a child is that as we get older we have more responsibilities. The house I dreamed of needs to constantly be cleaned, I have a job that I love, but most the money I make goes towards bills and although I found the man of my dreams marriage takes a lot more work than you could ever understand as a child.


Once I had my first baby it really started to hit me. Time was flying by and I wanted to preserve every precious moment and memory. In what felt like the blink of an eye I was a Mother to three amazing children. Life with three kids all ages six and under is beautiful, crazy, full of love and lots of chaos. Sometimes I wish everything would slow down and I could freeze time. My youngest is now two and past the baby stage. I often wish I could have just one more sloppy baby kiss, listen to his baby babble or share time snuggling and feeding my baby in the quiet of the night. I’m really trying to savor each time my little one climbs into my bed to snuggle, reaches out to hold my hand or asks me to play. I know that as they get older these too will be the things I wish I could do just one more time.

Agenda 8

Having pictures of my children has allowed me to freeze a moment in time. It brings so much joy looking back and remembering those sweet little faces. I’m dedicated to helping promote local businesses and have a big soft spot for Moms that are also running their own business. Today I wanted to share a guest blog from Alyson of Kidlets Photography. Over the years she has taken multiple pictures of my children and has attended our Rock N Read classes with both her boys. Thank-you Alyson for capturing these amazing pictures of my children and for allowing me to share my love of music with your children. I have shared a few pictures of my children that were taken by Alyson over the years. The shape or size of some of the images may be a little off or look squished due to the setup of my blog.

k pic



A little about Kidlets Photography:


Kidlets Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, baby and child photography.

As a mother of two boys (ages two and five) I know how important photographs can be, children change so very fast and we want to hold onto those little people as they are forever. My photography is simply a celebration of life and moments. I aim to capture the beauty and essence of who my subjects are through details, expressions and honest interaction. There is something unexplainable about capturing a moment, a gentle embrace, a sheepish grin, or a contagious laugh. Children will grow, their innocence will fade but a photograph preserves these special little moments for a life time.

I appreciate all the business I have. I would not be able to spend the time I do with my children without it. The local community is why I am where I am today. There are also many local business Kidlets Photography supports and in return many great friendships have been created.

alyson 1 Alyson of Kidlets Photography

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