Benefits of Rock N Read


Benefits of Early Literacy

  • Promotes a lifelong interest in reading
  • Helps with speech and language development
  • Expands vocabulary and teaches children how to pronounce words and letters
  • Builds listening skills and increases attention span
  • Children learn about numbers, letters, colours, shapes and so much more!
  • Learn about life experiences, people, personalities, relationships and many other interesting lessons
  • Reading out loud is a great bonding experience, while I read stories you will have a chance to cuddle with your child and give them your full attention

Benefits of Music

  • Music and singing increases memory since children often learn the words and actions for songs and rhymes
  • Improves concentration and listening skills
  • Develops fine and gross motor skills through dancing, clapping and handling small instruments such as tambourines and shakers
  • Vocal and speech development improve through singing
  • Music allows children to have a creative outlet and express themselves
  • Signage is a great way for your child to communicate with those that have special needs
  • Exposing children to music at a young age encourages a lifelong love of music

Benefits of Sign Language

  • Babies who can sign have shown less frustration and have fewer tantrums overall, since they can usually communicate their needs better
  • Studies have shown that babies who learn sign have a higher IQ
  • Children who have learned sign have been shown to have more advanced language skills
  • Signing with your child provides a unique bonding experience between you and your child
  • Signing helps promote self-esteem in children
  • Signing is a great way for your child to communicate with those that have a variety of special needs
  • Signing is FUN for the whole family!

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