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FAQ’s & Policies

Terms and Conditions:
Please read all term and conditions before registering for Rock N Read classes. By registering for our classes you are agreeing to the following:

Our enrollment is on a first come first served basis. You are welcome to join a class at any point providing that we have spaces available. By enrolling early you will secure a spot since spaces are limited and expected to fill quickly.


A $25 non-refundable deposit is due when you register for the class. The remainder of your payment is due by the first class. A receipt will be given once payment has been received in full.

The regular cost for a class is $12.50 when you register for a full session, I often offer an early bird discount to those that register at least one month in advance. If a class is not full, you may join after the start date and pay $15 per class for each remaining week in the session. I require a $25 non-refundable deposit when you register to hold your spot. If you cancel your spot with less than one week notice you will be required to pay the full amount. NSF payments will be charged $25. Babies under the age of six months may attend FREE in the Rockin’ Tots class with a paying sibling. All families that register multiple children will receive a sibling discount. Pay full price for the first child and save 50% off the fee for the second or third child. Children must be siblings.

We do not give refunds unless the instructor cancels a class. Unfortunately we do not give refunds if you miss class due to sickness or holidays.

Cancellation by Instructor:
I reserve the right to cancel or postpone any classes due to instructor illness or low enrollment. Full refunds will be given if a class is canceled by the instructor.

Inclement Weather:
When schools in the Upper Grand District School Board are closed due to inclement weather, Rock N Read will be closed and classes will be rescheduled if possible. If busses are cancelled but schools are open, Rock N Read is also open. Often the road conditions in one area of town are not the same as in another part. Please use safe judgement when deciding if the conditions are safe for you to drive in.

When classes are cancelled we will also post a notice on our Rock N Read Facebook page.  Please make sure you like our page so you can stay up to date.  You can like our page by following this link.

For all classes you will want to bring socks or slippers since all outdoor shoes must be removed at the door before entering the class. In the cooler months, you may want to bring a sweater as the classroom can get a little cool when everyone is first arriving and the door is open.

Additional Adults:
Spouses and grandparents are welcome to attend the class at anytime. I ask that you let me know when you register if you expect to have another adult attend with you most weeks so that I can make sure I have enough room for everybody to be comfortable.

Please plan to arrive 5 minutes before class. This will allow your child a few minutes to remove their coat, shoes and settle in before class starts.

Cell Phone:
Please put your cell phone on silent or vibrate during class. You may turn the ringer back on after the music portion of class is over. If you receive an important call during class please take the call outside or into the office area (by the change table).

Sick Policy:
If your child is sick, has a fever, rash, is vomiting or has pink eye, please do not bring them to class. These are the signs that your child is probably contagious and could infect other people in the class. If your child does have any of mentioned symptoms you should visit your doctor and they will tell you when it would be safe to be around other children and return to class.

Keeping our Class Healthy:
When you arrive for class please use the sanitizer provided. This helps lower the spread of germ. I clean all our instruments after each class and our toys at the end of the day. If your child puts one of our toys in their mouth please put it in the sink so it can be sanitized.

We have lots of street parking available as well as spots in our driveway. If parking in the driveway please be careful when you pull out as the curb is not cut all the way on the bottom of the left side of our driveway. In the winter months we ask that you park on the same side of the street as our house, this allows the snowplough or sanders to pass on the other side of the road.

Parents/ caregivers are responsible for supervising their own children at all times. Please be careful when coming up the driveway in the wet or cool weather. Although we try our best to keep the walk clear of snow and ice, it can still get slippery. We ask that you do not allow your children to climb on the white bench seat under the window as they could fall.

Photo/ Video Release:
Rock N Read offers many exciting classes that we like to share with the community. We may do this in the form of photographs or video clips of those who take part in our classes. We may display the photography/ video clips in the classroom, in promotional materials, newspaper/ print, or on the internet including our website, Facebook page or YouTube. We will NEVER include your child’s name without your permission. If you have any hesitation about having your child’s photo taken please speak with the teacher. By registering for our classes you agree that Rock N Read has your permission to take photographs/ video clips of you and your children. You agree that the photographs/ video clips may be used in promotional materials as listed above. You also agree that you understand you will not receive compensation for photo/videos used in promotional materials.

By registering for our classes you are agreeing to all the policies outlined above.

Thanks for understanding!

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